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The Manifestation Block

feeling stuck manifestation Feb 20, 2022
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Showing up for your dream takes courage, and it can bring up feelings of fear and inadequacy. You know, all the fun stuff. Do you need to move that energy around and shift your mindset? Start with addressing your manifestation blocks. A manifestation block is when your thoughts and beliefs are disrupted, causing you to fall short of your goals and desired results. Below, are the top three manifestation blocks and ways to overcome them.


Manifestation Block #1: Thinking There isn’t Enough to go Around

These feelings get us stuck in the perfectionist realm when there is more than enough to go around!! There is room for you to take up space, and the world needs you to embody your gifts, follow your passion, and be the bright light you are.

The Mindset & Energy Shift:

Please tune in to the reality that everything in your life at this present moment is abundant because it’s true. Grab a journal and free write; where is the abundance in your life? This energy is the highest form of receivership. Take up as much space as you can! ️


Manifestation Block #2: Struggling with Comparison

It’s understandable; we’re only mere mortals here. Comparison happens when your inner voice is trying to stop you from claiming what you truly want by telling you it’s something everyone else has.

The Mindset & Energy Shift:

Get in alignment with your joy! Go for a run, cook, dance to your favorite song. Do the things that will bring you back into your happiness, and then from that place, focus on and manifest what you’re looking for in life. Keep the momentum going.


Manifestation Block #3: Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection is the feeling that failure is defeating and something we’ve all experienced before. It can hold us back from taking risks and doing the things we enjoy most in life.

The Mindset & Energy Shift:

Rejection is projection. But remember that the universe always has your back, and something better is always on its way to you.

When you’re feeling blocked, shifting your mindset and energy can bring you back into alignment to manifest what you truly desire. What you are seeking is seeking you too.


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