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Learn to manage stress and self-regulate with the help of a breathwork facilitator and anxiety coach through somatic practices, inner child healing, and breathwork.

I understand that life can often be overwhelming. We work together to find paths for more peace and balance. Safety, ease, and embodiment are at the foundation of the work we do together.

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I help you create a strong mind-body connection through personalized coaching and techniques like inner child healing and breathwork. These practices help you release stress, gain confidence, and heal anxiety for a more fulfilling and joyful life.

All services are tailored to your individual needs. We focus on helping you identify the root cause and build effective tools for healing. We help you increase your self-awareness of your breath, body, and mind so that you can reduce stress and anxiety.


Anxiety healing services for every stage of your journey.

Individual Sessions

Schedule an individual somatic coaching or breathwork session to receive my support in one specific area. Learn strategies and develop the skills to heal anxiety. Build greater self-awareness, and learn to self-regulate.

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Courses & Packages

Purchase an individual coaching package and receive my support for an extended period of time. Packages are tailored to your specific needs and include support outside of session. The first step to setting up your package is booking a consultation call.

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Connect with the community online or in-person at a group event, workshop, or masterclass. Dive deeper into one specific area, with the support of a group! The best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to the monthly newsletter below.

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"One of my most significant breakthroughs from working with Rachel was digging deep and connecting with my inner child. I was able to forgive versions of myself that were really effecting and conditioning me."

Jessica B.

"When we first started coaching, my life was going through huge periods of change. Rae was able to spend the time with me to navigate the uncertain feelings. I also went through a loss during our time working together. Rae helped me to allow these feelings to come up for me, and I learned how to cope."

Maggie S.

Body-centered transformation in your pocket

Receive an anxiety healing tool-kit, journaling practices, and mantra delivered to your inbox monthly.