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6 Tips to Starting a Meditation Practice

meditation tips Feb 20, 2022

Starting a mediation practice has endless benefits. Better sleep️, less stress, stronger connection to self, more energy, abilities to navigate emotions, peace from mental chatter, the clarity for visions, and reaching personal goals. The list goes on. Starting a meditation practice may seem stressful but it’s really not. It’s easy, fun, and refreshing.

Maybe you feel like you want to give it a shot, and you’re like, “Well, where do I start?!” Luckily, Rae, the Anxiety Coach, has your back. Here are six tips for starting a meditation practice.


Schedule the Time in Your Day for Your Meditation Practice

When starting a new habit, it’s helpful to hold yourself accountable by making time in your schedule. This way, it doesn’t get lost in the mix of responsibilities. I recommend incorporating a meditation practice first thing in the morning before you get on with your day, after lunch, or before you go to sleep. Studies show that starting a meditation practice before bedtime greatly reduces sleeping issues.


Commit to Your Meditation Practice the Night Before

Schedule it and plan for it. Maybe it means you wake up ten minutes earlier, so you have time before your busy day. Starting a meditation practice works best if it’s incorporated into your daily routine and planned ahead, no matter what time of the day works best for you. Creating a reminder or an alert on your phone at a specific time each day will ensure that you don’t forget.


Start Small When Starting Your Mediation Practice

A mediation practice does not need to be an hour long. Starting your practices at five or ten minutes is perfect. There is no need to meditate for an hour when you’re trying to learn, build a new habit, or change your routine. Really! Start small with an amount of time that feels good for you.


Use Easy and Quick Resources When Starting Your Meditation Practice

Youtube and Spotify are great for starting a meditation practice. There are millions of hours of content related to starting a meditation practice thanks to social media platforms. A highly-recommended top pick by Rae, The Anxiety Coach, is The Breath Channel by Stevie Wright.


Make it a Habit and Keep Going

Even when it feels like your meditation practice isn’t working, chances are positive things are happening. Sometimes meditation starts with subtle energy shifts or simple moments of increased awareness. Patience is a virtue. But, you likely won’t need much patience to start feeling the physical and mental benefits of your meditation practices.


Work With the Support of a Mentor

Everyone started somewhere. The support of a mentor/coach with meditation could be the extra dose of support for the breakthrough you are looking for. A mentor or coach will keep you honest and support you to follow through on your goals and intentions.


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